SwypeGloves 'Great Barrier Reef' Touchscreen Gloves (2013)


SwypeGloves ‘Great Barrier Reef’ Touchscreen Gloves (2013)


Price: $17.99 (list $19.99)

If you’re looking for a subtly stylish conductive knit glove to wear in Fall and early Winter, SwypeGloves ‘Great Barrier Reef’ Touchscreen Gloves (2013) fit the bill - and get them soon, since since this model is a limited edition!


The SwypeGloves ‘Great Barrier Reef’ Touchscreen Gloves (2013) combine a comfortable blend of Australian wool and acrylic fibers with ten-finger conductivity and some truly awesome cuffs. But you have to move quick if you’re going to get these limited edition gloves!


As with their previous year’s line, the conductivity of the 2013 gloves is superb.  SwypeGloves uses a highly responsive soft conductive fiber that is woven into the tips of all ten fingers, which makes them very adaptable to use with either a touchscreen phone or tablet. The gloves are quite precise owing in part to a raised ridge on the tip of each finger (a byproduct of the manufacturing process), so even typing on a phone is accurate and easy.


SwypeGear has devoted more attention to quality control without any loss of focus on the details that make them great (like the wonderful cuffs).  In particular, construction in the webbing between the fingers and thumb appears to be a little bit stronger (this area can often be problematic on knit gloves where it tends to be the weakest area and prone to poor connections).  I still like the ridges on the the tips of the fingers for the purpose of precision (less for for design) and the stitching in those areas also seems tighter.

While the size large gloves have been made bigger across the entire line, they were still just a tiny bit short in the fingers for me.  That said, the fit is still quite comfortable once they are on.  If SwypeGear is able to lengthen the fingers just a touch, these will be on the road to being some exceptional gloves.

Warmth and Dexterity

The knit wrist cuffs are double-layered and warm, though the main body of the glove is a single layer of wool, acrylic fiber and stretch material.  As such, these gloves would be fine for Fall and early Winter weather, but I would not recommend them for temperatures below freezing for any extended period of time. They could, however, double as liners while skiing or snowboarding and what the gloves give up in warmth, they make up for in dexterity and mobility.  I recently used mine to go bike riding on a sunny day in the mid 40s F and even with the wind, they worked really well.


SwypeGear has several nice design features, one of which you will see and two of which you may not notice (for the right reasons).

First, the reversible two-tone cuffs look great and provide an attractive contrast of color (and choice) between the outside and inside of the gloves.  This is certainly true of the Great Barrier Reef model which can function as a funky dual-tone red/black glove, or add complexity with the grey  liner for a rich tri-tone effect.

Second, the SwypeGear gloves incorporate a dyeable conductive thread, which gives them an aesthetic edge over much of the competition.  Ordinary conductive thread, to which dye does not take well, results in gloves having bright silver finger tips which stick out like, well, a silver thumb.  Since SwypeGear is able to control the color of the conductive thread, it allows them to choose when they accent the tips of the gloves, as with the Great Barrier Reef model, and when they inconspicuously integrate them into the rest of the glove by matching thread tones. For the fashion conscious, this may well justify paying a slightly higher price.

Finally, there is a small, clever logo invoking five outstretched fingers on the back of the right glove.  I appreciate that SwypeGear have only placed this on one hand as it gives a nice asymmetry and subtle branding to the gloves.

The gloves would be improved with some subtle form of non-slip material on the palm side of both hands. Touchscreen devices are notoriously slick (literally and metaphorically), so any gloves specifically designed to handle these devices should address this issue.  This type of material needn’t be intrusive and, indeed, can even be incorporated into the design as a few manufacturers have already cleverly done.  Additionally, while the ridges on the fingertips have a nice, unexpected benefit, slightly subtler connections would improve the overall aesthetics of these gloves (and probably not affect the precision or utility to any noticeable degree).

Overall Value and Conclusion

If you’re looking for a subtly stylish conductive knit glove to wear in Fall and early Winter, SwypeGloves ‘Great Barrier Reef’ Touchscreen Gloves (2013) fit the bill – and get them soon, since this model is a limited edition!  As noted, the gloves would benefit from slightly longer fingers (though many users may not notice this), minor adjustments to the fingertip connections, and the addition of some type of grip material on the palms to help to avoid phones and tablets accidentally slipping out of hands.



  • 45% Australian wool
  • 41% acrylic
  • 8% spandex & rubber stretch yarn
  • 6% conductive thread

Styles (2013 line)


Gloves are unisex, though SwypeGear suggests that small/medium will fit most women and medium/large will fit most men.

  • Large  (15-17 cm from base of palm to middle fingertip)
  • Medium  (14-16 cm from base of palm to middle fingertip)
  • Small  (13-14 cm from base of palm to middle fingertip)


  • Unisex


  • Machine wash cold
  • Air dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry

About SwypeGear

Founded in 2009, SwypeGear is an eco-conscious company based out of the Washington DC metro region that sells online to customers worldwide.  While their primary product is SwypeGloves, they are involved in the research, manufacture and sale of smartphone and tablet accessories. I have corresponded now with co-founder Vik Colaso on a number of occasions and am always impressed with the company’s genuine effort to respond promptly and thoroughly to any questions and/or comments. I highly recommend contacting them directly if you have any questions.

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