Seirus Innovation Soundtouch Xtreme AWG Touchscreen Gloves


Seirus Innovation – Soundtouch Xtreme AWG Touchscreen Gloves (2013)


Price: $59.99

The Seirus Innovation Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather Gloves are sturdy, warm, and waterproof gloves that don't quite hit the mark on conductive capabilities.


While the construction of the Seirus Innovation Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather Gloves is impeccable, these sturdy, warm, and waterproof  gloves don’t quite hit the mark on conductive capabilities.


I was initially quite excited about these gloves, as they look and feel amazing.  Unfortunately, as conductive gloves they fell short.

On my pair of gloves only the index finger worked on both hands.  I tried manipulating the glove, pulling the finger tight against my thumb with my other hand, and pressing as hard as I could.  It was only with the latter technique that I had any luck (and even that was spotty at best).  Sizing did not appear to be a factor as they fit well. The fact that only one finger on each hand functions reduces the types of interactions users can have.  Anything involving a pinch, for example zooming in and out, is impossible if only one finger works.


The construction of these gloves is impeccable.

The stitching is flawless, the materials are comfortable and sturdy, and the outside of the glove, which almost has a wetsuit look and feel to it, is waterproof.  I tested this by putting my hand under a running faucet for 30 seconds and they really work.  The cuff seems to be made of a slightly different material and absorbed a little bit of water, but still kept me dry.  For snow and wet weather, these are great.

Warmth  and Dexterity

The gloves are by name ‘All Weather Gloves’, and they are very warm.  As with all warmer gloves, some dexterity is sacrificed for insulation, but these are still surprisingly nimble.


These gloves are beautifully designed and I really liked that the palm, thumb and index finger of each glove have a grip pad to ensure a better hold on the user’s touchscreen device.  This feature should be included in any touchscreen compatible glove.  Additionally, there are convenient clips on the right side of each glove to attach them to each other for safekeeping.  The cuff is long, but fitted, and the overall fit is snug.

Both of the index fingers have what appears to be a bright white wifi symbol with the letters ‘ST’ (which stands for SoundTouch™, Seirus’ trademark for it’s touchscreen control gloves).  At this point, touchscreen gloves have been around long enough that manufacturers, especially of higher end gloves, really should avoid the temptation to needlessly flaunt touchscreen feature.  My car, for example, doesn’t say ‘fast’ on it.

The touchscreen pads themselves are an interesting approach and, in theory, could be really effective.  The thumb and index finger each have an approximately 5/8 inch raised conductive bar that, if working properly, could be a brilliant way of directing the interactions and ensuring accuracy.  On the inside of each conductive finger is a conductive patch which should be sufficient to contact the skin.  Given the large conductive area on the inside, it was unclear where the connection is not occurring on the thumbs of my gloves.

Overall Value and Conclusion

While the Seirus Innovation Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather Glove are stellar regular gloves, with a retail price of nearly $60, they need to function as advertised.  If Seirus is able to fix the thumb issue and add at least one more conductive finger (if not all five), they will be on the road to have a superior product. I really want to like these gloves, but for the moment they will only be used when I don’t need my touchscreen phone.



  • Insert: XTREME™ Waterproof / Breathable
  • Shell: Spacer knit
  • Palm: SoftGrip™
  • Features: Patent pending Soundtouch touchscreen pads. Form-fit next to skin fit.  XTREME™ WARMTH.  100% WATERPROOF.  The Original Xtreme™ Glove.  Warmest, driest, most comfortable lightweight glove.  As warm as bulky, 200gm gloves.  Fleece-lined.  Stretch cuff.


  • Black
  • Black/Berry (Women’s only)
  • Black/Red (Men’s only)


  • Men’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Women Sizes: S, M, L


  • Men
  • Women


  • Cold wash,
  • line dry

About Seirus Innovation

Seirus co-founders Joe Edwards and Mike Carey, along with their team, have invented many iconic snow sports products that are perennially ranked among the “Top-10” best selling items in multiple categories, including the world’s most popular snow sports facemask, the “Neofleece Combo Scarf.” Seirus has been granted 19 patents, including 12 current. It has 2 patents pending. It has over 300 products covering five outdoor-gear categories: gloves, liners, masques and clavas, hats and quicks, and essential equipment. 

I contacted Seirus and was disappointed with my interaction.  While they eventually responded to my questions, it was apparent that they were uninterested once I disclosed who I was and the site I was affiliated with.  Given the incredibly warm and open responses of almost every other company I contacted, both multinational and mom-and-pop, Seirus was quick to dismiss.  I intentionally contacted companies before the site was up as it seemed like the best way to get a sense of how they react to the average anonymous customer.

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