Outdoor Research Women's Highcamp Mitts with Touchscreen Liners


Outdoor Research Women’s Highcamp Mitts with Touchscreen Liners


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The Outdoor Research Highcamp Mitts with touchscreen liners are very warm, well designed mitt shells that offer surprising touchscreen functionality in the liners.


The Outdoor Research Women’s Highcamp Mitts with touchscreen liners are very warm, well designed mitt shells that offer surprising touchscreen functionality in the liners.


The shells of these mitts, as with the OR Highcamp Gloves, are not touchscreen compatible. However, the liner, which is also a mitt, is.  While I typically no longer review gloves that don’t have conductivity in all parts of the glove, I make an exception for niche products like heavy gloves and mittens, where warmth is the focus and necessary functionality can nearly always be accomplished with just a liner.

I was quite skeptical about whether the lack of fingers would make it impossible to use a touchscreen device, but was pleasantly surprised.  To type, swipe, or tap, these mitt liners work. To pinch in or out is a little bit more challenging, but still quite doable.

Outdoor research offers a three-fingered mitt version of these, which in retrospect I think I would have preferred.  That said, for brief texts, emails, and phone calls on cold resort slopes, these will do the job.


As with all Outdoor Research products I’ve reviewed, these are exceptionally well made.  The materials are carefully picked, the connections and stitching are extremely strong, and the workmanship is flawless. On this particular model, both the non-condutive shell and conductive liners are sturdy and there wasn’t any obvious weakness to discuss.

Additionally, like all of OR’s gloves, these benefit from their ‘Infinite Guarantee’. This means that they are guaranteed forever.  Not a bad deal in a world of disposable goods.

Warmth  and Dexterity

These mittens and liners are rated from 10F/-12C down to -20F/-29C and as far as OR gloves/mittens go, these are the warmest that I’ve tried.  I wore them out for an early morning snowboard session on a cold and windy day (around 0F/-17C) and they kept my hands warm.  I did notice that I needed to ball up my fingers when I was more exposed and on the lift, but the ability to do so is one of the beautiful things about mittens as opposed to gloves.  Plus, throwing a glove warmer into these is a lot easier than with regular gloves.

In terms of dexterity, they are as dextrous as mittens can be.  Which is to say, not very.  But that has nothing to do with OR or their craftsmanship, rather, it’s a reflection of the fact that they are robust, warm mittens that lock four of your fingers together.

For resort skiing and snowboarding, these would be fine.  There should be no problem using some of the zippers and buttons on my jackets and shell pants, and ratcheting in and out of a snowboard was easy.  However, I don’t think I would recommend them for any backcountry snow sports where you need to do a lot of transitioning with skins, poles, and splitboards.  For that I would be more inclined to use the three-finger version of these mittens or gloves.


The Highcamp Mitts with touchscreen liners are well designed.  The wicking, waterproof, and windproof materials inside and out are well placed and comfortable.  Additionally, as with many of the OR collection, these mittens offer wrist and gauntlet cinches, as well as leashes so they don’t go flying when you’re using the liners to check your touchscreen device.

The liners are also comfortable and well designed.  The addition of velcro on the wrists match up to the reciprocal velcro material in the mitten shells so that the liners attach and don’t bunch up inside.  The addition of excellent silicon grip on the palms is a welcome feature, though I would have liked to see even more.

Overall Value and Conclusion

The Outdoor Research Women’s Highcamp Mitts with touchscreen liners are super warm, well designed mitt shells that offer surprisingly good touchscreen functionality in the liners.  While some functionality is lost by making the liners mitts instead of gloves, this makes these mittens exceptionally toasty, which for many may be well worth the tradeoff.




  • 100% nylon


  • 100% goat leather


  • 100% polyester


  • 100% polyester


  • 100% polyurethane


  • black
  • orchid & charcoal


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large



  • Machine wash cold, separately;
  • Powdered detergent;
  • Do not bleach;
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Drip dry;
  • Do not machine dry;
  • Do not dry clean.

About Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research (OR) began in the early 1980s in Seattle, Washington. Today, as outdoor enthusiasts who practice what they preach, OR focuses on creating functional products for ‘human powered adventure’, much of which is informed by their legion of “Lab Rats” (users who give product feedback), who send their suggestions directly to their product development department.  I reached out to OR with a number of questions and found their staff/PR team to be open and responsive.  This company has a good soul, a positive message, and they care about what they do.

Beyond creating wonderful products in niche areas, OR stands behind their work with OR’s Infinite Guarantee.     Yes, that’s right, it’s guaranteed forever.

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