Outdoor Research Men's Stormsensor Touchscreen Gloves


Outdoor Research Men’s Stormsensor Touchscreen Gloves


Price: $85.00

Outdoor Research Men's Stormsensor Touchscreen Gloves Review


The Outdoor Research Stormsensor touchscreen gloves are well-designed, highly functional and brilliantly constructed.  Offering more warmth than the OR Sensors, and more dexterity than the OR Ambits, these touchscreen gloves are sure to be favorites of tech savvy, cold-weather outdoor enthusiasts.


As with several of Outdoor Research’s other touchscreen compatible models, the Stormsensor employs TouchTec leather on the palms and fingers.  This patent-pending nano-technology  leather makes these gloves much more responsive and forgiving than many other conductive materials, so users can have a little bit of space between the fingertip, material and the touchscreen.  On the gloves that I tested, while still very good, the Stormsensors seemed just slightly less responsive than the Ambit and Sensor models.  That said, this easily could have been due to the particular pair and they were still better than most other gloves.


Everything from the stitching and seams, to the choice and placement of materials make the OR Stormsensors extremely well made gloves.  As with every OR glove this site has reviewed, these offer high end, professional construction that will serve their purpose – keeping you warm and dry – for a long, long time.  Indeed, Stormsensors owners will enjoy OR’s ‘Infinite Guarantee’, the company promise that you will only ever have to buy one pair.

Hard to beat that.

Warmth  and Dexterity

The Stormsensors are  rated for between 35 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, or 2 to -9 degrees Celsius.  I tried them out on several occasions in temperatures ranging from freezing down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  While they might be okay for colder weather, it may be not be for very long.  I definitely felt the chill after an hour in the mid twenties.  That said, my hands get cold quickly, so heartier people might not have any issues.  By throwing some mittens over them, or some light liners like the OR Biosensors underneath, they would be fine.

One of the benefits of being a slightly lighter glove than the OR Ambit is the increased dexterity of the Stormsensors.  For warm gloves, these allow for ample movement of the fingers and hand, while still being quite a bit warmer than the OR Sensors.  As such, these gloves squarely fill the space between the two models.  I was able to open zippers, undo bindings and reach into pockets without issue, though to ensure that you get the right fit, you should use the OR sizing chart.  Wearing gloves will always be cumbersome to some degree, but OR does a lot to make the experience as natural as possible.


In terms of design, OR goes for functionality over fashion – these are not your gloves for your trip to a black tie event, nor are they meant to be. But this does not mean that the Stormsensors don’t look good for their context.

These gloves incorporate a lot of nice features.  Elastic cuffs and velcro straps ensure a snug fit on the wrists and allow users to easily tuck them under a jacket sleeve.  The soft lining is comfortable, and side vents on the fingers enable better air flow. Additionally, little things like the inclusion of nose friendly material on the thumb for cold weather wipes (we all do it), as well as clips to connect the gloves and carabiner hoops on the inside are thoughtful extras that go a long way.

OR could improve the Stormsensor the addition of some traction material.  Since these gloves are made specifically to handle slick touchscreen devices like smartphones and GPS devices (both of which are easily dropped off a lift or into deep powder), a bit of silicon on the palms would go a long way to avoiding digging through the snow for lost items.

Overall Value and Conclusion

The Outdoor Research Stormsensor touchscreen gloves are warm and robust gloves for all your cold weather activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. Although the Stormsensors are not inexpensive at $85.00, they come with OR’s impressive ‘Infinite Guarantee’ and a whole lot of functionality.



Shell Face

  • 100% nylon


  • 100% polyester

Hand lining

  • 100% polyester


  • 100% TouchTec goat leather


  • One style


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large



  • Machine wash cold, separately;
  • Do not bleach;
  • Powdered detergent;
  • Do not use fabric softener;
  • Drip dry;
  • Do not machine dry;
  • Do not dry clean.

About Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research (OR) began 27 years ago in Seattle, Washington. Today, as outdoor enthusiasts who practice what they preach, OR focuses on creating functional products for ‘human powered adventure’, much of which is informed by their legion of “Lab Rats” (users who give product feedback), who send their suggestions directly to their product development department.  I reached out to OR with a number of questions and found their staff/PR team to be open and responsive.  This company has a good soul, a positive message, and they care about what they do.

Beyond creating wonderful products in niche areas, OR stands behind their work with OR’s Infinite Guarantee.  Yes, that’s right, it’s guaranteed forever.

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