Outdoor Research Men's Ambit Touchscreen Gloves


Outdoor Research Men’s Ambit Touchscreen Gloves


Price: List $105

The Outdoor Research Ambit Touchscreen Gloves are incredibly warm, well-made, highly conductive outdoor adventure gloves that are worth every penny.


Why can’t all touchscreen gloves be this good? The Outdoor Research Ambit touchscreen gloves are yet another stunningly well-executed product from a solid, experienced, and ethical company you can’t help but love.


As with all of their touchscreen gloves, Outdoor Research’s Ambits do not disappoint.  Indeed, they impress.  The TouchTec leather on the palms and fingers uses is a patent pending nano-technology which is incredibly conductive.  Unlike most gloves, where the user’s fingers have to be pressed directly against the material that is in contact with the touchscreen, TouchTec leather is much more responsive and forgiving.  As such, you can have a good half inch of glove between the tip of your finger and the touchscreen and they still work perfectly.  Moreover, this high sensitivity means that you only a small area of the glove to contact the screen in order for it to work, so despite the bulkier profile of these very warm gloves, they are extremely accurate.


The construction of these gloves is excellent.  Everything from the stitching and seams to the choice and placement of materials, the Ambits are exceptional.  Of particular note on this model are the ample gauntlets which are able to be cinched with a nylon strap near the wrist, as well as tightened at the very ends with a bungee-like pull string.  When you add the waterproof nylon shell and super warm polyester lining, you have the makings for some very dry, warm, and happy hands.

Additionally, as with all of Outdoor Research’s gloves, these benefit from the ‘Infinite Guarantee’ – in other words, you will only ever have to buy one pair.  Outdoor Research is, and should be, confident that their products will last.

Warmth  and Dexterity

The Ambits are warm and intended for deep snow, side-country adventure (they are rated down to -15 Fahrenheit/-26 Celsius).

As a result of these gloves being so warm, they do give up a lot of dexterity in the fingers.  This, unfortunately, is inevitable and unavoidable.  That said, even though the heavier, thicker materials prevent performing hand ballet, for what you’ll be needing to do – hold ski poles, unzip pockets, open backpacks, and interact with your touchscreen device, they are fine.  Plus, as noted above, the high responsiveness of the TouchTec leather means that even texting on a smaller phone screen or punching in coordinates into a GPS touchscreen is easy and accurate.


Generally speaking, I like all of Outdoor Research’s glove designs.  They are intricate, but the details have a purpose and are meticulously integrated with the entire glove to make them both functional and nice looking.

The Ambits are no exception.

All of the materials, and there are quite a few different ones used, are in their place for a reason. The palms and palm-side of the fingers are made of the conductive TouchTec leather which allows for five-finger conductivity on both hands, while the shell and gauntlet lining are made of polyester.  Inside, soft polyester insulation and lining keeps hands warm and comfortable.

Additionally, little things like the inclusion of a nose wipe on the thumb and making the parts that move or can be adjusted large enough to be accessible to less nimble gloved hands are smart and thoughtful details.

My one criticism would be that, although the TouchTec leather is wonderful, a little bit of extra grip would benefit these gloves.  Since they are made specifically to be handling slick little touchscreen devices like smartphones and GPS devices (both of which are easily dropped into deep powder), a bit of silicon on the palms would go a long way to avoiding digging through the snow for lost items.

Overall Value and Conclusion

The Outdoor Research Ambit touchscreen gloves are incredibly warm, well-made, highly conductive outdoor adventure gloves.  Although they are the highest priced of all of Outdoor Research’s touchscreen gloves, in my mind they are worth every penny and I would highly recommend getting a pair.




  • 100% nylon


  • 100% TouchTec goat leather

Hand lining

  • 100% polyester

Gauntlet lining

  • 100% nylon


  • 100% polyester


  • 100% polyurethane


  • One style


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large



  • Machine wash cold, separately;
  • Do not bleach;
  • Powdered detergent;
  • Do not use fabric softener;
  • Drip dry;
  • Do not machine dry;
  • Do not dry clean.

About Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research (OR) began 27 years ago in Seattle, Washington. Today, as outdoor enthusiasts who practice what they preach, OR focuses on creating functional products for ‘human powered adventure’, much of which is informed by their legion of “Lab Rats” (users who give product feedback), who send their suggestions directly to their product development department.  I reached out to OR with a number of questions and found their staff/PR team to be open and responsive.  This company has a good soul, a positive message, and they care about what they do.

Beyond creating wonderful products in niche areas, OR stands behind their work with OR’s Infinite Guarantee.     Yes, that’s right, it’s guaranteed forever.

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