Mujjo Knit Touchscreen Gloves


Mujjo Knit Touchscreen Gloves


Price: $32.00

It's not easy to make knit gloves sexy, but Mujjo, a thoughtful Dutch designer label, has done it. The Mujjo Knit Touchscreen Gloves are what most knit touchscreen gloves aspire to be: attractive, sophisticated, comfortable and, of course, highly conductive.


It’s not easy to make knit gloves sexy, but Mujjo, a thoughtful Dutch designer label, has done so.  The Mujjo Knit Touchscreen Gloves are what most knit touchscreen gloves aspire to be: attractive, sophisticated, comfortable and, of course, highly conductive.


Increasingly, and wisely, touchscreen glove manufacturers are leaning toward ten-finger conductivity.  While there are some exceptions to this being the best approach (gloves for specific activities like running or cycling, for example), for the most part, consumers are being short changed when they are sold gloves with fewer than ten conductive fingers.  Mujjo, as well as several other knit and leather touchscreen glove manufacturers, have taken this approach one step further by offering full-glove conductivity.  This means knuckles, palms, wrists – the whole shebang… every part of these gloves is conductive.

The secret behind Mujjo’s conductivity is the silver-coated nylon fibers which are interwoven with non-conductive acrylic and spandex.  I used multiple touchscreen devices on multiple platforms and they worked well with all of them.  Additionally, the gloves are relatively precise, which allows users to text (and play Angry Birds) on the small screen of a phone just as easily as they can type with all ten fingers on a touchscreen tablet’s virtual keyboard.


These are among the best constructed knit touchscreen gloves available at the moment: they have a robust feel, solid stitching, and strong connections throughout the entire design.  Of particular note, and something to look out for with any knit glove, the webbing areas between the fingers are exceptionally well made.  This is an area where knit gloves are notoriously weak and usually fail.  Indeed, most knit gloves I have tried have holes or gaps in these sections due to the manufacturing process.

Another nice feature Mujjo has incorporated is yarn that is less prone to pilling (you know, those tufts of yarn that bunch up on knitwear after using them for a while).  I’ve been wearing mine for a couple of weeks now and they are holding up surprisingly well. This does not mean that they are impervious to this knit-wear malady, they aren’t, but there is a noticeable difference from other brands.

One issue that I did have with the construction of the gloves was with the cuff.  While the length itself is appropriate, cuffs are usually doubled back (folded under so they are two-layered) for the full length of the cuff.  On these gloves the fold only goes in about an inch.  As such, they are not quite as warm and snug as they could be.

Warmth  and Dexterity

In terms of warmth and dexterity these gloves are what you would expect from medium weight knit gloves.  They are appropriate for temperatures down to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and, due to their light weight and flexible material, are incredibly easy to move in.  The latter is especially important for this type of glove since users will typically be wearing them for day-to-day activities which necessarily involve picking things up, getting items out of pockets and generally navigating life.


The Mujjo touchscreen gloves are handsome, elegant and subtle.

As noted above, a number of manufactures have adopted the full-glove conductivity approach, but these gloves go further in terms of overall design.  One element that elevates these gloves a stitch above the rest is the logo attached at the cuff.  The logo is made of a single piece of  leather with the name of the company written in a thin, all-capital, san-sarif font.  The top of the leather patch is smoothed while the bottom remains raw, and it is attached at either end by a single, thick stitch.  It is minimalist and classy, and gives both a literal and figurative weight to the gloves’ design.

Another smart design choice was the variety of colors that are available, some of which would not fall into the traditional glove palette.  While Mujjo offers the expected black and grey tones common to Winter and Fall, they also have more interesting colors like lavender and pink.  This was an interesting, bold, if not somewhat risky decision.  Some of these colors will initially not be as popular, and I doubt they were a product of market surveys.  But that is why they are great.  In design, if you hope elevate taste and capture an original voice, it’s imperative to go against the grain and follow your aesthetic instinct –  only then can you innovate.

These gloves could be improved significantly by including some sort of traction or grip material on the palms.  There are tasteful, and even stylish ways of incorporating these features into the design and for gloves that are specifically made for holding slick touchscreen devices, it makes for a better glove.  While form is important, it shouldn’t trump function for something as utilitarian as gloves like these.

Overall Value and Conclusion

The Mujjo Knit Touchscreen Gloves are not inexpensive and I typically don’t endorse knit gloves that are much more $20.  But these are truly beautiful knit gloves with a smart designer’s touch.  So while they are among the more expensive touchscreen gloves at $32.00, they are worth the cost.



  • silver-coated nylon fibers;
  • acrylic;
  • spandex.


  • natural gray;
  • sandstone;
  • lavender;
  • coral pink;
  • black.


  • Small/Medium
  • Medium/Large


  • Unisex


  • Hand wash cold without soap;
  • do not dry clean;
  • do not bleach;
  • do not iron;
  • do not tumble dry;
  • do not wring the gloves to dry;
  • place the gloves on top of a towel, fold the towel and gently squeeze the water from the gloves;
  • dry flat.

About Mujjo

Mujjo is a Dutch designer label for mobile accessories. Founded in 2010 by Remy, Robin and Tom, Mujjo began by creating hand-stitched winter touchscreen gloves.  Since the success of their gloves, Mujjo branched out in 2012 to designing  sleeves for Apple devices that combine wool felt and high quality leather. The brand has grown fast, and continues to evolve, but Mujjo keeps the same passion for creating beautiful designs.  I had the pleasure of corresponding with both Tom and Remy and was impressed with their candor and enthusiasm.  These are some great people who make some great products.

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