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Glider Gloves – Urban Style


Price: $29.99

Glider Gloves - Urban Style Review


The Glider Gloves – Urban Style are well-knit, fully conductive gloves for around town that incorporate some of the best traction grip in the business.  For $29.99 (often between $15-$25 on Amazon), these gloves offer an understated, sophisticated look with a warm, surprisingly soft lining .


As with their other styles, the Glider Gloves Urban Style integrate a copper-based conductive thread throughout their entire design to make a fully conductive touchscreen glove.  Consequently, users can use any area of the glove to engage their touchscreen device.  And while you may not find yourself knuckle texting any time soon, there are both functional and stylistic benefits to this type of conductivity.

First, users will never have to adjust their movements to the glove’s design.  Some touchscreen glove manufacturers make the mistake of choosing form over function.  While such gloves may provide a particular aesthetic, their performance can suffer due to the awkward placement or lack of sufficient conductive material.  Not so with the Glider Gloves; these are extremely conductive gloves that are easy to use. Additionally, weaving conductive material throughout the entire body of a glove allows manufacturers to better control the look of the glove.  In other words, you don’t run into off-color finger tips or poorly integrated silver patches.


Overall, the construction of the Glider Gloves Urban Style is quite good.  The knit is some of the tightest out there with very excellent stitching and between-the-finger connections (an area often neglected and weak in knit gloves).  However, the seams on the top of the fingers are a touch too pronounced, which make for a slightly boxy fit on the tips.  That said, the inside of the gloves solidly incorporate a pleasantly soft acrylic material that is very comfortable and warm.

Warmth and Dexterity

In contrast to Glider Gloves’ warmer Winter Style, which by necessity trades off some dexterity for warmth, these gloves are slightly less warm (good for down to the low 40s Fahrenheit – colder if only out briefly), but offer significantly more freedom of movement in the hands and fingers.  As such, users will easily be able to navigate everyday life  in the city or elsewhere.


These gloves’ subtle, simple design could easily accompany casual clothes or a more elegant outfit.

One great feature, and something every touchscreen glove manufacturer should incorporate, is Glider Gloves’ traction material on the palms and fingers.  This makes sense when you are creating clothing intended to hold and interact with slick touchscreen phones and tablets.  Moreover, Glider Gloves has gone one step further by incorporating this traction material into the overall design of their gloves using an interesting honeycomb pattern.  This is a smart move and still a step or two ahead of most of the gloves currently out there.

Another nice touch is the inside tag, which doubles as a screen wipe.  Using every part of a glove is a smart, economical, and thoughtful move.

The design could be improved in a couple of ways.

First, as with their Winter Style gloves, the traction material on the palms could be made even ‘stickier’.  While Glider Gloves should be commended for managing to merge form with function, there are a number of materials currently available on the market that offer better grip.

Second, the fit might be adjusted slightly. The cuff of the gloves rides a little bit high onto the palm, while the fingers are a touch tight.  While many, if not most, users may not notice or mind, this may be something that could be addressed on for next year’s line.

Finally, the logo patch near the top of the cuff could benefit from an upgrade and redesign.  While the gloves themselves are well-constructed and smartly designed, the patch looks and feels more like an inexpensive sticker that either doesn’t belong or might fall off.  The logo, too, is a little bit cartoonish, which, in my opinion, takes away from the more sophisticated impression of the gloves themselves.

Overall Value and Conclusion

The Glider Gloves – Urban Style are well-made, fully conductive touchscreen knit gloves for everyday use. Coming in at under $30, they are not the least expensive in their class, but with their standout traction material, many users will find them well worth the cost as they never have to worry about dropping their phones or tablets again.



Inner Shell

  • 100% acrylic

Outer Shell

  • 43% nylon
  • 40% acrylic
  • 15% copper thread
  • 2% lycra spandex

Styles (2013 line)

  • Basic Style – Dark Gray (only available in S/XS)
  • Urban Style – Black
  • Urban Style – Grey
  • Urban Style – Olympian Blue (small only)
  • Winter Style – Black
  • Winter Style – Grey
  • Winter Style – Olympian Blue (only available in Small, Medium, and Large)
  • Winter Style – Phlox (only available in Small and Medium)
  • Winter Style – Deep Tiel (only available in Small and Medium)


  • S/XS (only for Basic Style)
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large


  • Unisex


  • Hand wash
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Flat Dry

About Glider Gloves

Glider Gloves was founded in September, 2010 Toronto, Canada with the primary purpose of meeting the growing demand for touchscreen gloves.  Being a Canadian company, Glider Gloves is well aware the importance of making gloves that not only work well, but are also warm.  After researching the issue, developing the product, and happening upon some good fortune, the first Glider Gloves were born.

The Glider Glove team is comprised of a small group of young entrepreneurs with big ambitions, and  a wide range of skills ranging from electrical engineering to business administration.  Glider Gloves reached out to me and was very eager to answer any of my questions promptly and thoroughly.  They seem genuinely excited about what they do and make a good-faith effort to assist whenever they can. I would recommend reaching out to any of the staff if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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Overall Value
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