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eGlove SPORT Touchscreen Glove


Price: $34.99

The eGlove SPORT Touchscreen Gloves are terrific running gloves with superior grip and good conductivity. While these are among the more expensive touchscreen running gloves on the market right now, they are worth the cost.


The eGlove SPORT Touchscreen Gloves are terrific running gloves with superior grip and good conductivity.  While these are among the more expensive touchscreen running gloves on the market right now, they are worth the cost.


Unlike a number of companies which entered the touchscreen glove market simply because they already made traditional gloves, eGlove was founded with the express purpose of manufacturing conductive gloves.  Because of this, their gloves are designed from the bottom up with the ultimate function of conductivity and the handling of touchscreen devices in mind.  For users, this means that the touchscreen pads are wide enough for any swipe or pinch, and high enough on the tip of the finger to accommodate direct downward taps.  In short, the conductivity is really good.


All of the non-conductive areas of these gloves are well built and sturdy.

The seams and stitching are robust and the different material choices (terrycloth on the thumb area for wiping away moisture and breathable material on the rest of the gloves) is deliberate and practical. Additionally, the fingers have fourchettes (strips of material that connect the back of the fingers to the front), which make for a much more tailored (instead of just stretched) fit.  Unlike a number of gloves which use these, the eGloves don’t feel too boxy, so those with smaller fingers should be fine wearing them.

My favorite feature of the gloves is the grip material on the palms and three of the fingers.  Indeed, this is where users will see the most attention given to the purpose of the gloves – to safely hold slippery touchscreen devices.  The material that eGloves uses, P/U rubber (which stands for polyurethane), is by far the best (ie stickiest) I’ve come across.

The one area where these gloves would benefit from improvement in terms of construction is on the touchscreen areas of the gloves. There, the arch of the touchscreen pads uses an invisible seam, while the bottom section has a visible seam.  Since a small flap of conductive material sticks out at the bottom this could potentially be an issue in terms of durability over time.  It also looks a little bit last minute. I contacted the company about this and they explained that making the bottom seam invisible was not possible.  I have seen other gloves that do this, but since I’m not privy to how these specific gloves are made, it may well be impossible in this particular instance.

Warmth and Dexterity

The eGlove SPORT are best suited for moderately cold weather.  I took them for a couple of test runs in the low 40s and they worked wonderfully once I got going.  Some runners may be able to use them in even cooler weather, though most will prefer warmer gloves or to use these as liners.  As with most moderate cold running gloves, the eGlove SPORT offer excellent mobility and dexterity in the wrist and fingers.  Some may find that the touchscreen pads take a little bit of getting used to, but overall they allow for a lot of freedom of movement.


The eGloves SPORT come in thee different styles, black/green, pink/white, and all black.  Typically, I’m not a fan of loud ‘I’m a touchscreen glove’ advertising on the gloves, but these – especially the black and green model – are so over the top and audacious that I can’t help but love them.  Moreover, unlike a lot of touchscreen glove manufacturers who simply add ‘art sauce’ to their gloves to make them look high tech (think phone icons or electric arrows pointing to bright silver capacitive fingertips), the ornamentation on the palms (a large ‘e’ and a circuit board diagram going up the fingers) has the functional purpose of preventing dropped touchscreen devices. For those who prefer a subtler look, there is always the black on black version.

Too few companies add grip material to the palms of their touchscreen gloves.  For gloves meant to hold slippery, expensive devices that are the main means of communication for most people, this should at least be an optional feature.  For gloves that are meant to do all this while running and focusing on the road, traffic, or trail in front of you, it should be mandatory.  Of the few companies who do incorporate the grip material into their gloves, still fewer take the opportunity to play with the material as a specific design element (though this seems to be catching on).

Wonderfully, eGloves does both, and they do it well.

The touchscreen pads on these are bright silver.  While I would normally say that this is a relic left over from several years ago when touchscreen gloves needed to visually distinguish themselves and the conductive material was often hard to dye, these gloves are openly loud and in your face.  As such, it  works.  Plus, it appears the newer versions of the black gloves attack this problem by dying the conductive threads.

Finally, as noted above, one minor drawback is the stitching on the bottom of the touchscreen compatible patches. Simply using an invisible seam would improve the aesthetic of these areas a lot.

Overall Value and Conclusion

At $34.99 the eGlove SPORT Touchscreen Gloves are definitely on the high end of the touchscreen running glove market.  That said, they are well made, smartly designed, and function well as both a running and conductive glove.  As such, I would recommend them.




  • 30% lycra
  • 70% nylon
  • P/U grip material in a silicon format

Touchscreen elements

  • silver coated nylon

Styles (2013 line)


  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large


  • Unisex


  • machine wash cold
  • gentle cycle
  • do not bleach
  • tumble dry low heat

About eGlove

In 2009, a group of sports competitors were training for Ironman UK coupled with a Ski season in Park City Utah when trying to use iPhone’s on the mountain in minus 20 degrees was becoming uncomfortably painful. eGlove was born and after 6 months of product design and testing eGlove launched its first running / inner ski glove.

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