eGlove BIKE Gel Pro Touchscreen Glove


eGlove BIKE Gel Pro Touchscreen Glove


Price: $35.00

The eGlove BIKE Gel Pro Touchscreen Gloves are warm, comfortable cycling gloves that employ rugged gel protection strips with and relatively good conductivity. Although they are more expensive than many of the cycling touchscreen gloves on the market right now, they are good value for the money.


The eGlove BIKE Gel Pro Touchscreen Gloves are warm, comfortable cycling gloves that employ rugged gel protection strips with and relatively good conductivity.  Although they are more expensive than some other cycling touchscreen gloves on the market right now, they are good value for the money.


In contrast to many manufacturers that entered the touchscreen accessory market by adapting traditional gloves that they already made, eGlove was founded with the express purpose of manufacturing conductive gloves for specific sports and active individuals.  Accordingly, their gloves are designed from the bottom up with the ultimate function of conductivity and the handling of touchscreen devices in mind.  For this reason, and unsurprisingly, the conductivity of the material is quite good.

Though I had no trouble engaging my touchscreen with the gloves on, the placement of the conductive pads was not quite as good as on their SPORT model.  Indeed, the capacitive area was focused on the pad of the finger and did not include the tip.  For this reason, tapping directly downward onto a screen – say to type in an address, or pinching to zoom out with two fingers – is difficult to impossible.  That said, with minor adaptation on the user’s part, making these gloves work on a small screen is still relatively easy and accurate.


These are well built and sturdy gloves, especially with regard to the non-conductive areas.

The seams and stitching on the non-conductive areas are terrific and it’s obvious that a lot of care went into making these durable, form-fitting gloves that are suited for cycling. Particularly nice are the fourchettes (strips of material that connect the back of the fingers to the front) on all fingers but the thumbs, which provide an incredibly comfortable and tailored fit. The thumb was a little bit long for me, but that could just be my thumb.

The palms of the gloves offer several durable gel patches to absorb the vibrations, shakes and shocks of cycling.  As a city bike commuter, this is a nice (and necessary) touch for cold weather trips to and from the office.  Although I really like the padded sections of the glove, I wish that they had implemented the same polyurethane grip material to avoid dropping slippery touchscreen devices that they used on the SPORT version.

These gloves could be improved by revamping the touchscreen areas. As with the SPORT version, the arch of the touchscreen pads uses an invisible seam, while the bottom section has a visible seam.  Since a small flap of conductive material sticks out at the bottom this could potentially be an issue in terms of durability over time.  It also does not looks as neat as it could.

Warmth and Dexterity

The eGlove BIKE gloves are probably best for weather down to the low 40s and high 30s.  They are windproof and water resistant (note that this is not water proof – something that would prevent moisture control in the gloves) and extra patches on the all of the fingers except the thumb offer respite from cold winds while cycling.  The stretchy material make moving your fingers to changes gears, use brakes and operate your touchscreen device easy and comfortable.


The eGloves BIKE comes in one style, but it looks quite nice.  The almost entirely black gloves are highlighted with a stitched white ‘e’ on the cuff and an strip of reflective material on the side of each hand with the logo.  While I could take or leave the ‘e’, having the logo serve a functional safety purpose makes it worth having and is smart design.

The top side of the fingertips and the gel pads on the palms sport a hexagonal pattern that almost evokes reptilian skin without being overdone or tacky.

As noted above, I do wish that there was a ‘stickier’ material used for the pads to add grip. For gloves meant to hold slippery, expensive devices that are the main means of communication for most people, this should at least be an optional feature.  For gloves that are meant to do all this while out cycling, it should be mandatory!

While the touchscreen pads on these are mercifully black and not silver, many glove manufacturers are moving away from capacitive patches and finger tips for whole glove conductivity.  This has the added benefit of fewer stitches and places for things to come apart or fail.  While I think these gloves would benefit from such a change, the patches work well and are not visually offensive.

Overall Value and Conclusion

At $39.99 the eGlove BIKE Gel Pro Touchscreen Gloves are on among some of the more expensive touchscreen cycling gloves.  On the other hand, they are sturdy, thoughtfully designed, and function relatively well as both a cycling and conductive glove.


Styles (2013 line)

  • Black with silver/white highlights


  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large


  • Unisex


  • machine wash cold
  • do not bleach
  • dry naturally

About eGlove

In 2009, a group of sports competitors were training for Ironman UK coupled with a Ski season in Park City Utah when trying to use iPhone’s on the mountain in minus 20 degrees was becoming uncomfortably painful. eGlove was born and after 6 months of product design and testing eGlove launched its first running / inner ski glove.

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