Clearcrate Touchscreen Gloves (2012)


Clearcrate – Touchscreen Gloves (2012)


Price: $14.99 (list price $19.99)

These are awesome gloves - Clearcrate Touchscreen Gloves are reasonably priced, well-constructed, subtly attractive, and highly functional. For relatively inexpensive knit gloves, these are worth your money.


These are awesome gloves – Clearcrate Touchscreen Gloves are reasonably priced, well-constructed, subtly attractive, and highly functional.  For relatively inexpensive knit gloves, these are worth your money.


Clearcrate weaves conductive stainless steel thread, cotton, and polyester throughout the entire body of the glove to make all ten fingers (and every other part of the glove) capacitive touchscreen compatible.  Even though the entire glove is conductive, precise typing on a phone is just as easy and accurate as on a tablet’s virtual keyboard.


The construction of the gloves is quite good for knit gloves.  The webbing areas of the fingers and thumb are robust (something that many manufacturers fail at), and the connections on the tips of fingers, though not the prettiest, are sturdy and tight. For a first-time venture into making a conductive glove, I’m really impressed.

Warmth and Dexterity

These gloves are relatively warm, but not meant for extreme temperatures (as would be expected for stretch, one-size-fits-all, knit gloves).  They were just a tiny bit too small for my hands which hindered my dexterity slightly, but I often have this problem with this type of glove, so it didn’t bother me too much.  Moreover, I understand from my discussion with Clearcrate’s founder, Galfry Puechavy, that they plan to offer a large and small version of the gloves in the future to better accommodate different sized hands.


The design of the gloves is straightforward, but elegant.  Clearcrate has managed to integrate the conductive material with the non-conductive material so the color of the gloves is uniform throughout.  Currently, they have opted not to place branding on the glove, though this may change in the future.  This is a glove that does not flash it’s conductive properties or affiliation in your face – it’s just quietly and confidently awesome.  I like that.

There are, however, a few areas where these gloves could be improved.  First, the gloves would benefit from some form of grip or traction material on the palm and/or fingers, which would help to prevent slick touchscreen devices from slipping out of a user’s hand.

Second, as mentioned above, the gloves were a bit tight on my hands.  While they are fine for me (I typically wear a large) people with bigger hands will likely find these gloves too small. However, Clearcrate is already working on this so as to accommodate a wider audience.

Finally the connections on the fingertips form a ridge.  While this does assist a little bit (albeit unintentionally) with the precision of typing, it is a minor detraction from the slick aesthetics of the overall glove.  Fingertip connections are often problematic in knit gloves.

Clearcrate intends to revamp their lineup for 2013.  Specifically, they plan to offer the gloves in different sizes (small and large),  three different colors (white, grey, and black), and possibly a new design.

Overall Value and Conclusion

If Clearcrate is able to maintain the price of their gloves at $14.99 (the gloves are less expensive on Amazon than on the company website) and make a couple of minor adjustments (several of which are in works) these will be among the best knit gloves in their price range and certainly better value than a number of other brands which hover at the $25.00 mark.



  • cotton
  • polyester
  • stainless steel conductive thread


  • One style available


  • one size fits all (with a caveat that if you have particularly small or large hands, the current model will probably not fit well)


  • Unisex


Washing instructions were not published, but to be on the safe side I would recommend the following:

  • hand wash cold,
  • drip dry,
  • do not bleach, and
  • do not iron.

About Clearcrate

Clearcrate was founded by CEO Galfry Puechavyin in early 2012. Based out of Miami, Florida, this new company aims to produce sleek, minimalistic, stylish products for Apple products (or in the case of the gloves, any touchscreen device) at affordable prices.  I had a number of conversations with Galfry and, while clearly busy with launching Clearcrate’s new lines, he was responsive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.  Though I cannot speak for their other products, they are well on the road to succeeding with their gloves.

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