Boss Tech Cashmere Knit Touchscreen Gloves


Boss Tech Cashmere Knit Touchscreen Gloves (2012)


Price: $8.00 (list price $19.95)

At $8.00, the rainbow pair of The Boss Tech's Cashmere Knit Touchscreen Gloves I purchased are spot on in terms of price. You get, however, what you pay for.


At $8.00, the rainbow pair of the Boss Tech’s Cashmere Knit Touchscreen Gloves are spot on in terms of price for basic knit gloves of reasonable quality.  That said, the different styles (on Amazon) range in price from $0.29, to $16.63 (with a $19.95 list price!).    More than $10 seems excessive for gloves of this quality.


Boss Tech has opted to place conductivity thread on the thumb, index and middle fingers of each glove.  It’s not clear what type of thread they use as it was not listed on the packaging or website.  While the placement of the conductive material is the now classic cap on the tip of the finger, they require a little bit more pressure than is typically necessary to interact with a touchscreen.


The construction of these gloves is what you would expect when you pay about $5.00 – sufficient to do the the job, but you’re not going to have these gloves much more than a season or two. The connections between the fingers are problematic, indeed, on mine there was a sizable hole between the index and middle finger of the right hand (see photo below), though I’m sure this is not the norm.  I could see similar holes developing and being an issue over time through regular wear and tear.

Warmth  and Dexterity

Boss Tech knit touchscreen gloves are light, but fairly warm.  They are surprisingly soft owing to the the main body being made from cashmere and spandex. Because of they are lighter weight knit gloves, they offer the user a lot of movement of hand.


These are very straightforward knit gloves.  The pattern of this particular model, however, won’t be to everyone’s taste.  That said, since Boss offers a variety of color options, there’s almost sure to be something for everyone.

As with many touchscreen gloves, the design could be improved were Boss Tech to add some type of traction on the palm and fingers so that it’s easier for the user to hold onto their touchscreen device.  Additionally, the silver color of the tips of the gloves scream “I’m a touchscreen glove” and are a bit dated at this point.  On the other hand, these are inexpensive gloves, so concessions for keeping cost down should be given.

Overall Value and Conclusion

At $5.00-$10.00 Boss Tech’s Cashmere Knit Touchscreen Gloves gloves are priced just right.  Any higher, like the $19.95 list price on Amazon, and there are other, much better options.



  • 95% Cashmere
  • 5% Spandex


  • black w/ silver tips
  • grey w/ black tips
  • beige with black tips
  • black w/ pink stripes and silver tips
  • black w/ purple stripes/thumb and silver tips
  • blue, grey and black stripes w/silver tips
  • black w/ blue snowflake design
  • black w/ grey snowflake design
  • hot pink w/ black tips
  • rainbow w/ silver tips


  • one size fits most


  • Unisex


Details were not listed on how to wash these gloves, though if they are in fact cashmere, you should hand wash them with mild soap and drip dry.  More instructions on how to wash cashmere can be found here.

About BossTech

Founded in 1893, Boss Manufacturing Company began as a manufacturer of agricultural work gloves in and around Kewanee, Illinois and, according to their website, is the oldest glove company in the United States.  Today, the Company’s headquarters are still in Kewanee with distribution centers and sales personnel located throughout the United States and Canada.

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