Agloves Heavy Duty Touchscreen Gloves with Grip Touch (2013)


Agloves Heavy Duty Touchscreen Gloves with Grip Touch (2013)


Price: $34.99

The new Agloves Heavy Duty Grip Touch are the newest addition to the increasingly popular and ubiquitous Agloves family of products. With rugged construction and a handy traction feature on the palms and fingers, the Grip Touch touchscreen gloves allow users to stay warm and connected while still gettin' it done... for a price.

Editor’s Note: Agloves closed shop in 2013 after a brief, but incredibly successful run. While this is a major loss for the touchscreen glove industry, it means that the stock of gloves remaining are being sold at a steep discount (we’ve seen them as low as $3.00 a pair, which is a massive bargain).  It appears, however, that this particular model is out of stock.

The Agloves Heavy Duty touchscreen gloves are the newest addition to the increasingly popular and ubiquitous Agloves family of products.  With rugged construction and a handy traction feature on the palms and fingers, the Grip Touch touchscreen gloves allow users to stay warm and connected while still gettin’ it done… for a price.


As with all of Agloves’ models, the entire glove has conductive silver thread interwoven with the non-conductive materials (in this case polyester, nylon, and spandex).  This means that every finger (as well as the palms and knuckles) have touchscreen capability, so these gloves are are just as happy shooting off texts from a smart phone as they are typing with all ten fingers on a virtual tablet keyboard.

Agloves explained that they opted for full-glove conductivitiy because the body’s bio-electricity transfers more effectively if a larger portion of the hand is touching conductive fibers.  While I have never had issues due to the conductive thread only being placed in the fingertips, this feature certainly does not detract from functionality.

Unlike the other Aglove models (which have excellent conductivity), the Heavy Duty Grip Touch were a little bit more difficult to use.  This may be due to the substantially thicker and more robust construction, as well as the fact that there is a lower percentage and different type of conductive thread (4% silver nylon as compared with up to 15% silver yarn in other models).  That said, they seemed to break in after using them for a little while and eventually performed fairly well.


As the name would suggest, these gloves are rugged, well-constructed knit gloves.  The webbing between fingers and thumb, while a little porous, is strong, and the connections at the fingertips are robust and smooth. The doubled back cuffs are warm and a good length to keep the cold out when sleeves don’t do the job.

One issue I have encountered with all of Agloves’ models is that sizing doesn’t quite work for my hands.  For me, the M/L were a bit tight, while the XL were a little big.  Indeed the size difference between the two is substantial, so a size Large would be a  great addition.

Agloves offers a 90-day return policy, so if you find you don’t like them for some reason you can always return them.

Warmth  and Dexterity

These gloves are fairly thick and would be suitable for temperatures down to about freezing (maybe even a little bit colder). Due to their sturdy construction, they are a little bit stiffer and more cumbersome than many knit gloves, but this is countered by their utility and function.  Indeed, they still offer the user a decent range of motion in the fingers, so working outside would be both comfortable and easy.


The addition of the ‘plastisol’ traction material on the palm and fingers helps to make holding on to things like hammer handles and your touchscreen device easier.  This is a feature that every touchscreen glove should have, and it’s particularly suited for utility gloves such as these.  The overall look of the gloves is slightly different from the rest of the 2013 line, as Agloves opted for a dyed brown silver nylon which takes away some of the sparkle familiar to users of their other products.  This look, and much of the recent marketing for these particular gloves, suggests that they are being marketed primarily toward men.

The design could be improved by increasing the grip of the traction material.  While it is certainly an improvement from bare threads, a stickier material would ensure that tools don’t go flying.  On the other hand, the plastisol dots seem to also serve as protection/re-enforcement for the palm and fingers, so it may be that the material choice was a trade off between traction and durability.

Finally, the label, which is folded from the outside of the cuff into the glove, rubs a bit on the wrist and I would probably cut if off were I wearing these on a regular basis.

Overall Value and Conclusion

The Agloves Heavy Duty touchscreen gloves are rugged, warm knit utility gloves with relatively good conductivity and some smart traction material on the palms and fingers.  However, at $34.99 they are among the most expensive knit gloves out there.



  • 60% polyester
  • 15% nylon
  • 4% silver nylon
  • 4% spandex
  • 17% plastisol (traction material)


  • Grip Touch
  • Sport
  • Original
  • Natural
  • HD Grip Touch


  • Grip Touch – S/M, M/L, XL
  • Sport – S/M, M/L, XL
  • Original – S/M, M/L (short cuff), M/L (longer cuff), XL
  • Natural (previously Bamboo) – XS, M, L
  • HD Grip Touch – S/M, M/L, XL


  • Unisex


  • hand washable or machine washable on gentle cycle.
  • Lay flat to dry, do not machine dry.

About Agloves

Agloves was founded in 2010 and has been growing exponentially, both in terms of the gloves they offer and where they are sold.  They take a smart approach that not all new products need to be elaborate – simple designs that offer simple, good solutions are also important. At present, Agloves are focused on expanding and hope to improve their glove design by filing for a few more patents in the area of durability.  I reached out to the company and was impressed with the quick and thorough responses I received from one of the co-founders, Jean Spencer.

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