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Agloves – Bamboo Touchscreen Gloves (2012)


Price: $15.99

The Agloves Bamboo gloves (now called Agloves Natural) are very nice ultra light-weight, conductive knit gloves from a company on the move.

Editor’s Note: Agloves closed shop in 2013 after a brief, but incredibly successful run. While this is a major loss for the touchscreen glove industry, it means that the stock of gloves remaining are being sold at a steep discount (we’ve seen them as low as $3.00 a pair, which is a massive bargain).

The Agloves Bamboo gloves (now called Agloves Natural) are attractive, ultra light-weight, conductive knit gloves from a company on the move.

A quick note about the name –  Agloves’ ‘Bamboo’ line (2011-12) have been replaced this year in name only by Agloves ‘Natural’ due to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation.  If you would like to read more about this issue in general, you can find an interesting article here.


Agloves has done a great job of weaving Rayon made from bamboo and silver-coated nylon to make an easy-to-use, precise, and wonderfully conductive glove.  With the entire glove being made of conductive material, all five fingers have touchscreen capability so these gloves are are just as at home double-thumb texting on an iPhone or Android device as they are typing with all ten fingers on a virtual tablet keyboard.  Indeed, you could use your knuckles and palm were you so inclined.

Agloves chose the whole-glove approach to their glove line.  As co-founder Jean Spencer explained to me, gloves will transfer the bio-electricity of the human body more effectively if larger portion of the hand is touching conductive fibers.  I have to confess that I’ve tried a lot of gloves and never had issues specifically due to the conductive thread only being placed in the fingertips, but it certainly does not detract from functionality.  I would be interested to speak with someone about this idea a little more.


Agloves uses Rayon made from bamboo which has the benefit of being lightweight and soft.  The finger and thumb crotches appeared a little weak and had light fraying, and the finger tips have slight ridges where the material was connected which are slightly less obvious in certain other knit gloves.  Additionally, there were a couple of loose ridge connections, which over time may prove to be problematic. The cuffs are sturdy, snug, and double back about ¾ of an inch.

Agloves offers a 90-day return policy, so if you find you don’t like them for some reason you can always return them.

Warmth  and Dexterity

According to Agloves, the Bamboo style gloves were designed to be ‘summer-weight’ gloves or ultra light-weight glove liners.  The label recommends that they be used for ‘warm fingers in air-conditioned environments’ – think planes, trains, libraries and other indoor spaces that are notoriously chilly.  As they are intentionally extremely light, they are not meant for any real degree of cold, but due to their incredibly thin, form-fitting design, users benefit from the freedom to move their hand and fingers easily, quickly and deliberately.


The design of these knit gloves is straightforward and elegant.  The color, a light silvery grey, is a welcome change for the conductive glove market, which tends to be dominated by darker hues.  There is a single small label on each glove which is folded over from the outside to the inside of the cuff.  I like the idea, but the label can rub a little bit, conflicting with the softness of the glove, and I would cut it off if I wore them a lot.

The design would be improved with some form of light traction grip on the palm and fingers, as the gloves can be slippery when handling phones and tablets.  Agloves has introduced in a new style of glove called the Grip Touch, though I think something significantly less aggressive would suit this model.  Additionally, as is often the case with knit gloves, the crotches of the fingers and thumb on my pair appeared to be a little weak and loose.

Overall Value and Conclusion

The Agloves Bamboo gloves are stylish, soft, easy-to-move-in, fully conductive gloves.  For ultra-light knit gloves, however, they would benefit from a lower price tag, as $25.99 seems expensive.

I’m also uncomfortable with the new name.  I don’t believe for a moment that this company is intentionally misleading customers, and, to be fair, they do not appear to be doing anything wrong (at least from a legal standpoint) in naming their gloves ‘Natural’.  That said, while they have adhered to the FTC prohibition on referring to their gloves as ‘made from bamboo’, the purpose of the ban was to prevent eco-conscious consumers from being misled that these were somehow environmentally friendly.  Calling the gloves ‘Natural’ seems to me to be following the letter of the law, but missing the spirit of it.  I like these gloves, but I don’t agree with the name.



  • 70% Rayon (made from bamboo)
  • 15% silver yarn
  • 11% spandex
  • 4% rubber thread


  • Grip Touch
  • Sport
  • Original
  • Natural (previously Bamboo)


  • Grip Touch – S/M, M/L, XL
  • Sport – S/M, M/L, XL
  • Original – S/M, M/L (short cuff), M/L (longer cuff), XL
  • Natural (previously Bamboo) – XS, M, L


  • Unisex


  • hand washable or machine washable on gentle cycle.
  • Lay flat to dry, do not machine dry.

About Agloves

Agloves was founded in 2010 and has been growing exponentially, both in terms of the gloves they offer and where they are sold.  They take a smart approach that not all new products need to be elaborate – simple designs that offer simple, good solutions are also important. At present, Agloves are focused on expanding and hope to improve their glove design by filing for a few more patents in the area of durability.  I reached out to the company and was impressed with the quick and thorough responses I received from one of the co-founders, Jean Spencer.

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