2015-16 Top 5 Touchscreen Gloves for Holiday Gifts


2015-16 Top 5 Touchscreen Gloves for Holiday Gifts

The following are five pairs of gloves for a variety of activities in different price ranges, which should help even the pickiest of stocking stuffer connoisseurs find the right touchscreen gloves.


‘Tis the season to be conductive.

They go by a lot of different names:  iPhone gloves, Android gloves, texting gloves, touchscreen gloves… those glove thingies that work with phones.  Regardless of what you call them, these accessories have become a must have for anyone in a cold climate who uses a touchscreen device.  But even if you know that your friends, colleagues, or relatives will love you forever for getting them a pair, the question remains, which ones should you get?

The following are five pairs of gloves for a variety of activities in different price ranges, which should help even the pickiest of stocking stuffer connoisseurs find the right touchscreen gloves. 

1. Best Ski/Snowboard Liner: The North Face ETIP Liners ($45.00)

I love these liners.  The North Face ETIP men’s liner gloves (Women’s click here) are light, quality glove liners with ten-finger conductivity.  The 2015 model is a significant upgrade from two years ago and means that The North Face has started to make the excellent gloves we expect from them. Although they are more expensive than some other touchscreen liners like the Outdoor Research Bio-Sensor touchscreen liners (which are also fantastic), these are solid, well-designed liners/light gloves with excellent conductivity.

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2. Best Outdoor Adventure: (Men’s) Outdoor Research – Olympus Sensor (list $175.00) & (Women’s) Outdoor Research – Luminary Sensor ($135.00).

Yes, they are expensive.  But the Outdoor Research Olympus Sensor Gloves are yet another superb product from a great company with a conscience.  If you are serious about your outdoors (and backcountry) adventure and are looking for some outstanding winter gloves rated down to -20F/-29C that are astonishingly well made and offer some of the best conductivity on the market, you should get these.

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The Outdoor Research Luminary Sensor touchscreen gloves are incredibly warm, well-made, highly conductive outdoor adventure gloves.  Warm and intended for deep snow, side or backcountry adventure they are amongst some of the higher priced of Outdoor Research’s touchscreen gloves, but worth every penny.

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3. Best Knit Glove: Glove.ly Cozy knit touchscreen gloves ($29.99)

Conceived of and designed in the Big Apple, the Glove.ly Cozy Touchscreen Gloves are very warm, comfortable, knit touchscreen gloves for everyday activities. Having increased the amount of conductive fiber from last year’s model, the new line now work as well as the other gloves. These gloves continue to offer a simple, classic design and clever magnet connection system that allows users to look stylish while never having to search for a lost glove.

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4. Best All-Leather Gloves:  (Men’s) Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves (2015-16) ($89.00) & (Women’s) ConceptStrategy Active Palm 7 Leather Touchscreen Gloves ($65.00)

Mujjo’s design aesthetic is exceptional and their leather gloves are vivid proof of this critical eye. The new Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves are classically designed with modern twists.  The clean lines and interesting design elements are matched by the comfort, and reasonable price.  If you’re a fan of modernist minimalism, you will love these gloves.

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ConceptStrategy is a company to keep your eye on.  We first tried their gloves this year and loved them. The women’s genuine leather touchscreen gloves are exquisitely designed and function incredibly well.  At between $50-65 (or $30 for the vegan leather option) they are a steal.

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5. Best Utility/Duty Glove: Youngstown Glove Co. MWG  ($24.99)

The Youngstown Glove Company Military Work Gloves (MWG) remain the best utility/duty gloves we’ve seen.  These are rugged gloves with sturdy construction and relatively good conductivity at a great price. And though they are made from a number of different materials and pieces, most every detail appears to have been thoughtfully placed for a genuine purpose.  Youngstown was also amongst the first touchscreen glove manufacturers to do an outstanding job on the silicon grip material on the palms so your slick phone doesn’t slip out of your hands.

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