Affiliate Disclaimer

How I Review & About Affiliate Marketing

I have personally tested every glove or touchscreen related item I review and anything that I endorse I genuinely believe is worth it.

It is also important to note that manufacturers do occasionally send me samples and I do benefit though affiliate partnerships when you click through the links on this site (typically to or the manufacturer directly).  This does not mean that you pay more.  Indeed, I try as often as possible to get lower prices from the manufacturers for my site than are available elsewhere on the web.  Because I do benefit from sales,  I only endorse products that I actually genuinely believe in and think are worth the price.  This means that I never endorse a product that I do not think is valuable to you as a consumer, even if I have received a free sample or could have received a high affiliate commission.

If after reading this you still don’t feel comfortable purchasing through my links on this site, that’s fine.  Please simply use the site as a resource for information and I hope it helps you find the perfect gloves for you.