Since 2008, I’ve researched touchscreen technology, developed gloves and glove adapters of my own, and tried hundreds of different styles of glove myself, giving these reviews a breadth and depth of experience that no other site has.  Today, as the 2015/16 winter season gets underway, TouchscreenGloveReviews.com remains the number one ranked touchscreen glove review site on the web.

Below is a brief background on my experience in the industry and how I came to develop this site.  I am  happy to try and answer any questions about the site or my experiences, so feel free to drop me a line at matthew@touchscreenglovereviews.com.

2008 – First iPhone

When I bought my first iPhone in the Spring of 2008 I immediately fell in love.  For me, as for many others, it quickly became the go-to device for nearly all of my  information, communication, and organization (not to mention the odd a game or twenty).  Having previously owned a Palm Pilot, I was familiar with touchscreen technology (though resistive, not capacitive) and the user interface of the iPhone was simple, intuitive, and beautiful.  All seemed well in my digital world until winter arrived and I encountered one of the major drawbacks of using a capacitive touchscreen device – they don’t work with regular gloves.

2009 – Installable Capacitive Touchscreen Adapters… What?

That winter I began looking for solutions to the problem and, after researching how capacitive touchscreens work, I came up with an idea to introduce a button-like adapter made out of a conductive polymer or metal that attached through gloves at the finger.  I partnered with a friend with whom I drafted a design and filed a provisional patent application (PPA) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Here are some of the drawings:

At the time of filing, the market for touchscreen gloves was modest at best and the adapters seemed like a good way to re-purpose existing gloves.  However, after testing a number of materials (conductive polymers seemed to work best) and even hiring an industrial designer to draft CAD drawings (word of advice: don’t necessarily hire the lowest bidder) my partner and I scrapped the idea.  The cost of entry was going to be significant, securing the adapters was problematic, a wider variety of better gloves were coming out, and at least one company had already entered the market with a very similar product.

2010 – Touchscreen Gloves Round 1

My next foray into the world of capacitive touchscreen technology was to try and make my own gloves.  At that time,  several sites had publishd DIY pages that explained how to inexpensively make your own touchscreen gloves by sewing conductive thread into the fingertips.  After experimenting with different threads and gloves I contacted a clothing manufacturer and began the first round of prototyping.

Receiving the prototypes was bittersweet. To my delight, they worked really well and looked pretty cool (see the picture on the left).  Unfortunately, by the time I received the gloves it was too late to make an order for that winter and I decided to pass.  Although I was confident about the gloves, I was reticent of investing tens of thousands of dollars into a seasonal product that I wasn’t sure how to sell.  So the manufacturer and I set out a production plan for the next year and I began working on improvements.

2011 – Touchscreen Gloves Round 2

The second prototype gloves were functionally far superior.  They worked incredibly well (much better than the first prototype) and included three major improvements:

(1) rubber grip dots on the palms (a lot of gloves suffer from the fact that the slick devices easily slip out of the smooth gloves);

(2) conductive material on the entirety of all five finger tips (this was a response to the iPad’s success and the fact that people were now using more than just three fingers to interact with their screens); and

(3) warmer, softer, and stronger synthetic material (although inexpensive, I wanted these gloves to be worth every penny).

Unfortunately, for every inch of ground they gained in functionality, they lost aesthetically – they looked awful.  First, the manufacturer had included two bizarre stripes of conductive material across the middle of the glove.  This not only needlessly added to cost, but it looked silly.  Second, and most unfortunately, they had put the rubber “grip dots” over the entire palm of the glove instead a small strip as I’d requested.  It was a visual horror show.  Moreover,  I was increasingly under the impression that the manufacturer wasn’t interested my “small run” of 20,000 pairs (deadlines were repeatedly pushed back) and I again missed the manufacturing window to ship for sale that winter.  Needless to say, I was incredibly frustrated and felt as though I’d missed my opportunity to create something really great that people would love.

2012 to present – TouchscreenGloveReviews.com

Fast forward to today and I’m still fascinated by touchscreen technology.  Though I’ve not yet been able to mass-market my own gloves or touchscreen-related product, some really great ones have come out and the niche that I was aiming to fill (very inexpensive, but high quality) is developing in earnest.

So please have a read through the product reviews and articles on a number of related topics.  My goal is to present quality content for all types of interests, styles, and budgets.

How I Review & About Affiliate Marketing

I have personally tested every glove or touchscreen related item I review and anything that I endorse I genuinely believe is worth it.

It is also important to note that manufacturers do occasionally send me samples and I do benefit though affiliate partnerships when you click through the links on this site (typically to Amazon.com or the manufacturer directly).  This does not mean that you pay more.  Indeed, I try to find the lowest prices.  Because I do benefit from sales,  I only endorse products that I actually genuinely believe in and think are worth the price.  This means that I never endorse a product that I do not think is valuable to you as a consumer, even if I have received a free sample or could have received a high affiliate commission.

If after reading this you still don’t feel comfortable purchasing through my links on this site, no problem.  Please simply use the site as a resource for information and I hope it helps you find the perfect gloves for you.